Developer Resources

Developer website.
OpenSHA has an active and growing developer community. It's use by various groups ranging from the WGCEP to GEM has brought together developers from all over the world. Code contributions related to these projects, as well as those by individuals in the public, academic, and private sector have been significant. As an open source project, OpenSHA welcomes any additional involvement and contributions.

Several OpenSHA libraries are available for use in independent applications.

Getting the Source

The starting point for getting involved is to download the source of the project and familiarize youself with it. Instructions for obtaining the code are available on the trac site. If, at some future time, you have made changes or enhancements that warrant inclusion in the project, please contact the project to see about getting them committed.

Mailing Lists

OpenSHA maintains a developer mailing list to which notice of website, applications, and code updates are sent. It also serves a as a forum for technical issues relating to the project. See the trac site for information on subscribing.

Bugs? Technical issues?

Please review open tickets on the OpenSHA developer site (Trac) and, optionally, submit a new ticket for any technical issues, application crashes or bugs, or website errors you may have encountered.