Open-Source Seismic Hazard Analysis (OpenSHA)


OpenSHA was originally conceived by Ned Field and is a work in progress that keeps pace with new developments in seismic hazard assessment. Much of the initial work was performed by ISTI, under contract with SCEC. Over the years, numerous others (listed below) have contributed to the project in both advisory and technical capacities.

Primary Developers

Contributor Affiliation
Ned Field (Project Lead) USGS, Golden
Kevin Milner SCEC, USC
Peter Powers USGS, Golden

Scientific and Technical Advisors

Contributor Affiliation
Thomas Jordan USC
Philip Maechling SCEC, USC
Allin Cornell Stanford Univ.
Paul Somerville AECOM
Norman Abrahamson PEER, UC Berkeley, PG&E
Kenneth Campbell CoreLogic

Contributors, Past and Present:

Contributor Affiliation
Marco Pagani GEM Foundation
Damiano Monelli GEM Foundation
Brendon Bradley Univ. of Canterbury, NZ
Jonathan Stewart PEER/UCLA
Christine Goulet SCEC, USC, PEER
Nitin Gupta CoreLogic
Vipin Gupta SCEC
Matthew Gerstenberger GNS Science (NZ)
Sid Hellman ISTI
Steven Rock ISTI

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